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Putting a Face to Our Past

The Bengough & District Museum
is the perfect destination for
those seeking a unique experience
in a rural setting.

Located in the heart of

Bengough, Saskatchewan,

this museum features artifacts and

collections that capture

the history of life in the area.

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Visit & Enjoy
Farmer Coal Mining Park! 

Explore the history and culture
of farmer-owned mines in the "Big Muddy" region
and surrounding areas of Bengough.

Enjoy a unique and educational experience  as you learn

about the hardships the early settlers faced,

from using “cow chips” and mining coal for heat.


The Farmer Coal Mining Park is located along

Highway 34 in Bengough and it is separate from the museum.

Photos, maps, stories, and historical

documents are on display in the museum.

Museum Rooms

Come explore the many local artifacts of the museum
including agriculture, barbershop, clubs and organizations,
coal mining, hospital, military, and schoolroom. 

Help us preserve our rural heritage.
Your generous contribution will help us maintain our collections.
Thank you for your support!
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