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Our History

In 1996, the Bengough & District Museum was established.

Following a public meeting

to gauge interest in preserving

the history of Bengough and its

surrounding area,

the Museum was born.


Lisa Lix, Peter & Linda Barry,

Lola Hesjedal, Dwight Morrison,

Debra Ashby, Pat Craven,

Beulah Bailey formed the first board. 

In 2000, Dick Thompson joined

the board, taking on the

responsibility of constructing a

coal mine site in the town park.


Robert Unterreiner also contributed

to the museum. He created

and donated a display model

of two coal mines

that had been in the vicinity.

We appreciate all the

community members who have joined

the board throughout the years.

Thank you for your

dedication to the museum.

Lisa Lix was one of the founding members of
the museum board. She took on the task of developing "Policy & Procedure" manuals as well as documenting, accessioning and entering hundreds of historical artifacts on the computer. program.  She was also a driving force behind the coal mining research project.
Lola Hesjedal.jpg

Lola Hesjedal spent many hours and days documenting items being received in the museum.  Her extensive knowledge of Bengough's history is reflected in many item

descriptions on our artifacts.

Edolph Orheim

For many years, local resident

Edolph Orheim has been a

major contributor to the

start-up of the museum including

the donation of the town bell.


His wealth of knowledge and experience has provided

invaluable information for many

of the collection items. 

Edolph Orheim
Edolph Orheim
Edolph Orheim

Among his contributions was the donation of the original coal cars

from the Mattson Mine east of Bengough and

the Viceroy Coal Mining Company northeast of Viceroy.


His final donation to the museum was a large collection of Indigenous artifacts

and Hudson Bay tools, a fitting end to his lifelong passion of collecting and trading antiquities.

Bengough & District Museum Stories

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